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PicturesCategory/File Handle.jpg
File Handle
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Flat 2nd Cut.JPG
Flat 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/12 inch File, Flat Bastard.JPG
Flat Bastard
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Flat Smooth.JPG
Flat Smooth
PicturesCategory/Flat Taper 2nd Cut File.jpg
Flat Taper 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/10 inch File, Flat Taper Bastard.JPG
Flat Taper Bastard
PicturesCategory/Flat Taper Smooth File.jpg
Flat Taper Smooth
PicturesCategory/Half Round 2nd Cut.JPG
Half Round 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/Half Round Bastard.JPG
Half Round Bastard
PicturesCategory/10 inch File, Half Round Smooth.JPG
Half Round Smooth
PicturesCategory/File Knife 2nd Cut.jpg
Knife 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/File Knife Bastard.jpg
Knife Bastard
PicturesCategory/File Knife Smooth.jpg
Knife Smooth
PicturesCategory/Mill Bastard.jpg
Mill Bastard
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Round 2nd Cut.JPG
Round 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Round Bastard.JPG
Round Bastard
PicturesCategory/6 inch File, Round Smooth.JPG
Round Smooth
PicturesCategory/Square 2nd Cut File.jpg
Square 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Square Bastard.JPG
Square Bastard
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Square Smooth.JPG
Square Smooth
PicturesCategory/Triangle 2nd Cut File.jpg
Triangular 2nd Cut
PicturesCategory/8 inch File, Triangular Bastard.JPG
Triangular Bastard
PicturesCategory/10 inch File, Triangular Smooth.JPG
Triangular Smooth